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VoIP & Unified Messaging through Desktop Integration for In House and Remote Workers

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, converting your voice to a digital signal that travels across the internet for local and international calling. It allows you to make phone calls directly from your computer, as well as anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it a financially efficient solution to companies with multiple branches or telecommuters as you share the full features across all locations. Location to location calling is done via extension dialing, making them free of cost. There’s also no need to run additional separate cabling for your phone system.

It also allows Desktop Integration and Unified Messaging. By incorporating your phone system with your desktop you can add enhancing and company customized applications to your specific needs. Unified messaging allows voice, fax, text, and email messages to be accessible in one mailbox. You can access this mailbox either from your computer, converting text to speech and allowing faxed images to be saved or printed, or via telephone where texts and emails are converted to audio. You’ll no longer need a physical fax machine.

Call Centers, Hospitality, & On Hold Services

City-Tel Communications provides powerful, fully-integrated systems to address your contact center’s communication needs. Increase performance with detailed information on agent productivity, system performance as well as performance of the contact center as a whole. Our custom developed applications improve critical first impressions by increasing customer access options and alternatives. Our on hold services can make the customer’s wait more pleasant, but also increase probability of purchase by up to 20% based upon what they hear on hold. We focus on streamlining customer transactions, and creating a closed-loop system with contact follow-up.

Your team also benefits from increased efficiency, using workforce management applications for forecasting, scheduling and tracking workflow. Easy support supervision for can be used evaluation, quality assurance and training.

iOS & Android Mobile Devices

Your business doesn’t stop when you or your employees are on the go, quite the opposite. In a world that increasingly demands immediate response times and snap decisions, you can’t afford to be out of contact.  Star2Star has a comprehensive suite of mobile unified communications (UC) solutions that free your on-the-go workforce from their desks. Workers that aren’t tied to a desk still need to stay in contact, whether they’re talking to customers across the showroom floor or conducting late night negotiations from their hotel room.

More and more companies are allowing employees to bring their own devices with their own personal numbers, making it challenging to know how to reach someone. Star2Star can turn iOS and Android devices, and even desktop or laptop computers, into fully featured softphones that use the employees designated work extension.  This extension will even show up on Caller ID
when the user dials out, protecting their personal number.

Carrier Services

City-Tel has partnered with all major voice and data service companies including CenturyLink, Comcast, FPL and more. We offer a comprehensive communications audit of your voice and data bills to ensure our customers are getting the best service at the proper rates. Make City Tel your first point of contact for all of voice and data needs.