• Offices with multiple network devices, larger number of concurrent onsite and remote users.
  • When there is a need for continuous data uploads which results in heavy data consumption.
  • When you have Daily Scheduled Server & Client Station Backups daily.
  • Need fail safe servers running proprietary applications in-house.
  • Need for high speed internet up to 10GB, but may have to compromise on the cable run lengths.


If you need Coax cabling for your office TVs, we can install the cabling to stream video from your service provider’s box, no matter where it is located in your office. Our cables are always labelled, tested and will be very neatly dressed.

Category 5e/6/7

Category 5 Enhanced (Cat 5e) is the newer and enhanced version of its predecessor Cat 5. Cat 5e is an economical solution for businesses operating in short term lease office spaces to cut down costs of running a more expensive cable type. To optimize the network performance running on Cat5e, this implementation is appropriate when the distance between the networking points is up to 300 feet and with internet speeds up to 1GB.

  • Office spaces on shorter term leases, to bring the cost of installation down.
  • The twisted-pair Cat5e supports both Analog and VOIP Phone systems. So, if your short term goal is to switch from your Analog phone system to VOIP, then this is a good choice to save on cabling costs.
  • Data networks to support fewer users/network devices/Wi-Fi concurrent users
  • IP camera systems of an appropriate size that fits in with your internet speeds & other networking devices.

A “future-proof” networking cable at a higher price point than Cat5e. Cat 6 is great for businesses that heavily rely on IT for their day to day operations, need scalability to accommodate a growing workforce and to support your IT ecosystem that thrives on high speed data transmissions.  Cat 6 is packed slightly tighter than Cat5e, thereby preventing signal transmission losses, network errors and lesser cross-talk interference. Cat 6 is designed to perform at frequencies up to 250 GHz and at internet speeds over 1GB and up to 10GB

Multimode / Singlemode Fiber Optics

Multimode fiber is commonly used for adding segments to an existing network. This cable has a large diameter core that is much larger than the wavelength of light transmitted, and therefore has multiple pathways of light. Multimode fiber comes with two different core sized: 50 micron or 62.5 micron.  50 micron fiber is a faster preforming cable and is rated up to 10 Gigabit.  50 micron fiber cable has become increasingly popular because people want to prepare their networks for the future, without having to upgrade every few years. Singlemode fiber is commonly used in long-haul network connections up to several miles. This cable has a small core and only one pathway of light.  With only a single wavelength of light passing through its core, singlemode realigns the light toward the center of the core instead of simply bouncing off of the edge of the core as with multimode.

Fiber Optic Termination & Splicing

City Tel can install any type of fiber optic connector and has the latest tools and equipment to terminate, fusion splice or repair fiber optic cable.  

Fiber Optic Testing & Troubleshooting

City Tel can provide certified test results on new fiber cable that we install or we can check your existing fiber infrastructure for db loss, distance or fractures.