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Installing your surveillance system will likey require some additional hardware to tie all the pieces together.  Some items that will no doubt be included are:

Back-up Power and Surge Suppression - Especially in Florida are we aware of the need keep the system safe from power surges - both on system power and video cabling.

Camera Mounts and Domes - Outdoor mount solutions keep the cameras safe from weather, but even indoors, enclosures may be adviseable in manufacturing areas to keep components free from dust.  Domes are often preferred where aesthetics are a concern, can be found indoors or outdoors, and are available in vandal resistant models.  However, domes restrict the size of camera lenses, limiting viewing distance, and colored glass domes may reduce light intake.

Infrared Lighting - Infrared emitters are found on many bullet cameras.  Stand alone emitters are also available where adding more natural light is impractical.  Remember that infrared light travels at a different speed that viewable light and images will tend to be out of focus on most cameras.

Lenses - Many cameras have fixed lenses, but box cameras may allow a variety of lenses.  We can help you determine which will work best for your need.

Cabling and connections - City-Tel Communication's installation team is ready to handle the project from start to finish.  We run whatever cabling is needed, and are expert in Fiber Optic cabling for long distance or high-resolution signals.  Placing recorders, mounting cameras, feeding and connecting power supplies and providing a professional finish to the project is a key part of our service.
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