In 1801, the blackboard revolutionized education.  This invention is widely credited to James Pillans, Headmaster of The Old High School in Edinburgh, Scotland where he taught geography using colored chalk.  Today, the integration of the PC with the modern form of the blackboard, the dry erase whiteboard, has likewise opened up dynamic new ways to communicate and collaborate. 

With Electronic Whiteboarding, presentation space is no longer confined to a single board - or a single room, for that matter.  Electronic Whiteboarding allows sketches and written text to be saved to the PC before erasing, thus permanently storing notes for later review.  These notes can be printed, emailed, or even posted to the web.  Many Electronic Whiteboard systems offer simultaneous audio recording of the meeting - a complete record to review or to share! 

A few of the benefits of this technology are: coming back up to speed on where you left off in a meeting; going back though the notes, including erasures, to help remind you how a particular conclusion was reached; or absentees being given a record of the meeting for their review, saving valuable time for everyone.

Projection Whiteboarding

In addition to simply recording whiteboard notes, the quality of presentations can improve exponentially as stick drawings are replaced with actual pictures or computer generated files and drawings.  With Projection Whiteboarding, you can annotate over these image, either directly on a picture being projected onto a screen, or perhaps via an interactive computer monitor.  Projection Whiteboarding even enable you to make changes directly to the files, be they documents, spreadsheets, CAD Files, or the like.

Adding an internet connection opens the way for multi-site collaboration.  Many locations can view an Electronic Whiteboard presentation, and with Projection Whiteboarding, they can participate as well.  Remote users can be granted permission to add notes or open other image files that all can consider. 

City-Tel Communications can help to customize a solution for your presentation needs.  Go ahead!  Ask us for an  Electronic Whiteboarding demonstration.
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