Accessories (and other services)
In addition to the principal hardware and software components of an Audio Visual system, City-Tel Communications also incorporates the full host of accessory items needed to ensure effective AV Communications.


If you're thinking about adding AV, there may be more to it than you may realize.  If you are in the planning stages of your facility, its the perfect time to meet with you and your architect to assist with some of the subtle nuances of an effective presentation room. 

For example, does your executive boardroom have audio "leaks" so to speak.  Confidential information shared in presentations can escape through walls or ductwork.  Your architect can be sure that doesn't happen by making some basic changes to the plan.  Perhaps your room is being built for 20 people.  By knowing up front what devices will be installed, the architect can also plan for a specific increase of BTU's generated by 
equipment.  You'll be happy he did!

If you have an existing building, let us help you select the right room to meet your needs.  Invariably, changing that oversized storage closet into a Video Conference room ends up with the return to its former use - unless proper modification to the structures are made. 


Often an afterthought in AV, choosing microphones, amplifiers and speakers which meet your unique communications criteria is essential.  For example, in Video Conferencing, it is especially important to plan for microphones.  Microphones pick up sound outside the range generally heard by the human ear.  When these sounds are then amplified and transmitted, a disconcertingly cluttered signal is often received at the far end.  Proper selection and placement are crucial. 

Another example may be a digital signage system, where the local viewer needs to hear the presentation, but this without disturbing others - say in a museum.  Specialized sound sytems are designed to meet that goal. 


In a larger AV System, components may generally be located outside of the presentation room itself, perhaps in an equipment closet designed with proper cooling considerations.  Smaller systems tend to bring the equipment back into the room.  Some of the individual devices, such as DVD players or computers, need to be nearby for direct access by presenters.  Devices commonly located inside the rooms are often located in leterns or presentation stations designed for that purpose, keeping operating temperatures inside manufacturer limits.  We recommend and utilize specialized furniture manufacturers with years of experience in accomodating Audio Visual devices.

City-Tel Communications also supplies conference room tables - in standard or custom size, shape and finish.  Because today's tables are often a connection point for meeting participants, adding built in jacks for power, ethernet and video connections is commonplace, as well as for a variety of other devices which you may require. 

Switchers and Scalers

Behind the scenes in most systems are auxilliary devices that accept and recognize a variety of video and audio signals you may need.  These can be from internal devices or from external, unknown devices - such as a guest with his own PC.  Each of the signals must be "scaled", that is changed to a format that your display will accomodate.  Scalers allow these images to viewed one at a time, or in multiple windows simultaneously. 

Switchers allow you to select which input devices you want to be viewed, and where you want it to be viewed on the screen.  Our experts can desing and build it to your specifications, and then program it to be easy for anyone to use. (See Control Systems) 

Creative Service and Consultation

Our years of experience go beyond simply the hardware to display your message, but go right back to assisting with crafting your presentations.  Whether it's creating a speaker support presentation, building templates for a digital signage network, or a complete video production for sales or training, we can help.

Wiring, Installation and Maintenance

Our installation and maintenance team has installed thousands of miles of cable for carrying power and signals to a host of different devices and in a wide range of applications.  We stand ready to take you from design, to implementation and to ongoing support of your communications systems.


We hate to say "and more", but with experience dating back over 30 years in various facets of the communications industry and a determination to provide proven solutions to our clients - and more!
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